The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc.

The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. is a world leader in providing testing for biomedical factors in chronic illnesses such as autism, fibromyalgia, AD(H)D, gastrointestinal disorders, and neuropsychiatric disorders.

We offer a variety of metabolic tests such as those for organic acids, fatty acids, metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, and food allergies.  We also offer comprehensive genetic SNPs testing. To find a specialist or to obtain a physician referral, contact our customer service department at 913-341-8949 or click here.

The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. is pleased to bring you GPL Academy, a series of workshops to help practitioners learn how to integrate our comprehensive testing into their practices.  When you attend a GPL Academy workshop, you will find out why our tests may be incredibly valuable to your practice, what particular markers may be the most meaningful to specific patients, and how to use our tests in tandem to provide your patients with the most personalized treatment plans possible.